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our history

The Miles family farm was the weekend and holiday retreat, where hunting fishing a horseback riding were the things to do. Peter Miles was, and still is in his 80’s an avid hunter and fisherman, he passed his passion to his sons Dickie and Nick. From hunting frogs to shooting perdiz for the pot, it is the place where our story started.

In the early 90’s after a year training polo ponies in Maryland, Dickie came back to Argentina to work with Argentina’s hunting legend David Denies, learning the outfitting business from him. Then Miles and Miles Outfitters for twenty years. It has been 30 years since guiding his first group of duck hunters. From dove shooters to duck hunters stag stalks and buffalo hunting we have guided them all.

Having hunted extensively in South America, Asia and Africa we have gathered a vast experience in the hunting and fishing business.
We believe in team work and we are very proud of the team of hunters and guides we have found and formed through the years.
Always looking for the next adventure in Argentina, land of fantastic hunting and fishing opportunities.

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